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Tasting notes are courtesy of Sam Kim, Wine-Orbit.

Wine Guide

Trophy The Trophy Awards: These are awarded to the top wine in each variety. Once the gold medals have been decided for each variety judges hold a taste-off comparing all of the gold medal wines to decide the ultimate category winner.

Trophies are awarded for Champion Wine of the Show, Reserve Wine of Show (replacing Sustainable Wine trophy in 2012), Best Open White Wine, Best Open Red Wine, Best Exhibition White or Sparkling Wine and Best Exhibition Red Wine as well as the 13 individual variety trophies.

To be awarded the Champion Wine of the Show, Best Open White Wine, Best Open Red wine or one of the 13 varietal trophies each winery must have at least 250 cases of the wine entered available for sale at the time of the award announcement.

To enter the Exhibition category a winery must have a minimum of 50 cases of wine available for sale at the time of the award announcement.

Awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

A wine wins a medal when it reaches the medal standard, determined by the score it receives from the panels of judges.

Trophy Gold medal: Excellent quality (95-100 out of 100 points)

Trophy Silver medal: Very good quality (90-94 out of 100 points)

Trophy Bronze medal: Good quality (85-89 out of 100 points)

Tasting Method

Each wine entered is tasted ‘blind’, that is, it is recognizable to judges only by a unique code it has been given rather than by name or label. Wines are tasted in classes and sub-classes so that judges taste similar wines at the same time.

The wines are tasted and judged by senior judges and associate(s). The wine is then discussed at the end of the scoring and in some cases re-assessed by the panel leader and/or the Chair of Judges. The wine is given a score and this is entered into the system under its unique code. Associates’ scores are not counted in the final judging but their comments are welcomed in discussion.


To be considered for the Open category, a wine must have more than 2,500 cases available for sale when the awards are announced in November of the judging year. The Limited category is for wines with a minimum of 250 cases. The Exhibition category is for wines with a minimum of 50 cases available.

Entries in the Open, Limited and Exhibition Classes are eligible for medals and the Reserve Wine of the Show trophy. Wines entered in the Open and Limited categories are eligible for the varietal/style trophies and the Champion Wine of the Show. Wines entered in the Exhibition Category are eligible for the Exhibition trophies.

If you have difficulty obtaining any of the wines, please contact the winery directly.


Wineries are asked to supply a recommended retail price for all wines entered into the awards. Prices do vary between various retail outlets, cellar door sales and direct marketing offers and therefore can not be guaranteed. All prices quoted are in New Zealand dollars.